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Are you pulling your hair out?
  • Too many choices?
  • Pushy salespeople?
  • Your mum or future in-laws having their say?
  • Are bridesmaids/groom's men stroppy about what they will and won't have?

Check out “All Eyes on Me Tips on a holistic planning approach and get back to enjoying the experience of getting married to your loved one.

“All Eyes on Me” has the golden solution on how to be the envy of other wedding planners, be relaxed and in control of your plans. 
A calm mind makes calm focused decisions and is much better in negotiating a positive outcome with the business’ when your mind and emotions are in check, therefore you are going to get much better quality products and service.
All Eyes on Me top tips to thoroughly enjoy the wedding experience as much as possible.

1. Congratulations! You have picked a date for the big day
Great, now you need to plan to take a week off of work to book and plan “everything”.  Planning preferably 12 months before the big day to avoid the disappointment of your favourite venue being booked out, save money and save on any undue stress.  You will find this time is much more productive than trying to squeeze it in and around life, whilst at work, social occasions not to mention hours of things rattling around in your head.

Don’t mention your week off to friends, family, in-laws or out-laws that you are doing this, as you will not achieve as much as YOU want for you and your partner.
2. Spend this time ALONE!!!
Time effective planning is organising alone, you will have no one else to influence you and your decisions - unless of course, your partner wishes to join you.  Prepare earlier loads of magazines - old and new, search the Internet, All Eyes on Me free information pages and then FOCUS!  Totally immerse yourself in your big day. The days before this week off, have some alone time with your partner and see if he has any input or special contributions he would like to have honoured.  See how much he wants to be involved in the organisation process, tell him of your plan.
3. Choose a theme
Can't decide on a theme?  Devour every magazine you have, search the Internet and print and cut out every single picture of a wedding, wedding dress, jewellery, brides maid’s dress, cars, cakes, flowers, ceremony theme and any little thing that takes your fancy.  Initially, they clash, but soon enough you will find that there will become a theme or one theme that will stand out more than others. 
Pick your style and go for it.
4. Get organised
Start your wedding planning with an easy to use wedding checklist that will keep you organised and on top of things.  Many magazines and diaries are available for free, or I’d prefer just plain old pen to paper referring to other checklists to make sure you haven't missed anything.  Ensuring when picking your theme that the flowers that are in season the time of year you have picked a date for.
5. Stay organised
Create a contact list in alphabetical order, gather all your contact names, telephone numbers and contact details of your different wedding suppliers - be it your wedding planner, your wedding venue, photographer or beauty salon ... keep it all on one sheet. No more bits & pieces of paper lying around here & there, or different files on your desktop. These are your important numbers & e-mails that you need to save in one place.  Have notes and contacts column, make notes and times and dates of each contact conversation or meeting, something to quote and refer to next time you speak with them. 
6. Super cool planner to be
As you are calling 6-12 months in advance, make sure you get three quotes on everything as you are also an in a bargaining position and depending on the business you may be getting a cheaper quote than leaving it later in the year.  Make sure you get them to email or post you their quote and booking.  Pay a deposit (even $20 - $50) to ensure you secure the quoted price.  This way you will get what you want at a better price and will either have something better than you could afford or have extra money for your honeymoon.
7. Staying in control
I’m guessing you will spend around three solid days with magazines from one end of the house to the other without visitors or venture outside, after this you are ready to visit the venues you have made appointments with ( See if your partner can have one of these days off with you to visit the venues).  Book your Thursday and Friday up with Venues, Florists and whatever you need to visit and pay deposits.  On Friday evening or Saturday, you can announce to everyone (if you choose), your theme.  Tell your in-laws and outlaws it's already booked and chosen and paid.  So many untold benefits for this, apart from weight being off your mind, there is no room for interference or tears from anyone as you have already done it all. 
8. The year ahead
The rest of the year leading up to the wedding can be spent more relaxed on fine details like going with the chosen loved ones to get your dress done, and the bridesmaids to try on the outfit which you have already decided on because it matches the rest of the wedding theme you have already paid for - so no arguments boys/ladies or your out!

The result, you will find you have much more headspace and quality time to enjoy your partner for massages together, get to know him more to re-illiterate the fact this is the man you have chose to spend the rest of your life with
(not drive him away or insane with the ridicules bridezilla act and show your partner you have unreal expectations and an inability to cope with stress)
9. Focus on yourself and your future partner
In the time leading up to the wedding, it is time to take care of yourself with a beauty/health food and fitness plan, work out how to glow and to look your best.  Start yoga/meditation and contemplate your new future as husband and wife, think about what the future holds AFTER the wedding.  Many focus on one big day and collapse after the wedding as they are at a loss after such a big milestone occasion.  One suggestion is to make some smaller plans or things to do with your partner to pursue “together” after the wedding day is over.
10. All you have to do now is get started!



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