Renewal of vows or reaffirmation ceremony example

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The Renewal of Vows is also known as a reaffirmation ceremony. There may be a considerable history to the relationship by the time a renewal of vows is decided upon, there may be even children of the partnership.

In preparing for this type of ceremony it can be very important to reflect the travelled journey that the couple has been on since they first met and then committed to one another.  Include the hopes and joint dreams for the future as a couple and/or as a family.

In making their vows some couples choose to reaffirm their original vows. Others decide to rewrite their vows in celebration of who they are as a couple at present, and who they wish to be in the future.

A renewal of vows or re-affirmation \ceremony can also include a commemorative certificate. Two witnesses at the event can sign this. Unlike legal marriage, people of any age even children could be the signatories at this ceremony.

A renewal of vows ceremony can be formatted similarly to a wedding ceremony or can have a unique structure as chosen by the couple.

You may wish to renew your vows as a celebration of the evolution of your relationship, or as a ceremony for people who were unable to attend your wedding. Whatever the reason, vow renewal ceremonies are a marvellous way to deepen your commitment to one another.

A ceremony may include sections such as:

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Acknowledgement of children
  • Readings or a speech by a special guest
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Rededication/giving of the ring(s)
  • The signing of the certificate
  • Closing words

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