Thought Reading No. 2

The company may decide on an article in the room – for example, the poker. A confederate is required who must remain in the room, but the Thought-reader must leave the room while the article is being chosen when this has been done he re-enters. The confederate now calls out a number of articles. When he mentions the right article, the thoughtful reader must say “Yes” but to all others, “No”.  you must tell the audience that when the article that is chosen is mentioned they must all think intently of it. This is the way it is done; the article having been chosen, you are called into the room and your confederate commences to mention articles to which you answer “No.” you have previously arranged that whenever he mentions an article containing glass, he will call out the right article after it. Supposing the poker be chosen; the case, carpet, tongs, door handle, book, candlestick, china cup etc, all to which you must say “No”. then he mentions a photo-frame. You say “No”. Then he says, “The Poker”. You say “Yes’ because the photo frame contains glass. 
You are sure to be asked to repeat it. Next time you keep to the same guide; only arranging that the third article after mentioning glass shall be the one. If you have to give a further demonstration, making it the sixth article after glass. By doing so you completely mystify them all.


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