Thought Reading No. 1

This is very simple, yet very ingenious pastime. You must take one person into your confidence first tell your audience that you will inform them of any number they may think of if they will all intently fix their minds on the number chosen. The number should not be more than three figures. You then retire from the room while they choose a number. 
On entering again, you go around to various members of the audience, in each case placing one of your hands on either temple. You ask them to think more intently of the number. Then come to your confederate. He keeps his mouth closed and simply presses his teeth together when the vibration is conveyed to the temples. Suppose the number chosen is 25. He clenches his teeth twice; then makes a pause. And again, clenches his teeth five times. Should 
naught be in the number, he moves his head slightly to one side. If carefully doe it cannot go wrong. Should the number be one hundred, he makes one clench of the teeth; then pauses, and turns his head slightly to the right, back again and then to the right again. This conveys the information that there are two noughts after the figure of one.
A point we must mention, which is very important, is this; when you have found out the number from your confederate, do not announce it, but go on to a few more people telling them it is very difficult, and suddenly say “I have it! It is 25.” Or whatever the number may be. 


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