The Spirit Rests

“The Spirit moveth.” Answer: “Let it move.”

“The Spirit passeth.” Answer: “Let it pass.”

“The Spirit rests.” Answer: “On ……………………. (name).”  

In this game, you must have a confederate. You tell the audience that you will go out of the room, and that your confederate (Mr X) will communicate to you, by thought, the name of any person in the room who he may choose for the experiment as you go out, someone is sure to speak. This is the key for both of you – the last person to speak before you go out of the room.

Your confederate then places his hand over the head of a person and calls out, “The Spirit Moveth” in a loud voice, so that you can hear outside the room. To this, you answer, “Let it move.” He then goes to another person, holds out his hand above their head and ay “The Spirit passeth.” You Answer: “Let it pass.” He now goes to the person who spoke last and repeats the same performance, crying “The Spirit rests.” And you say “On So-and-so” calling out the name of the last person who spoke upon you leaving the room. You must then at once re-enter the room and ask if you are right. You are sure to be requested to do it again when you require directly someone has spoken and repeat the performance. It will be a complete success if done properly.


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