The Judge

To get the most fun out of this game, it is well for boys to choose girls as partners; but if this is not possible, they can take boys. Form as many couples s you please, and let them all sit in a row, with space between each couple, so that the Judge can easily know who should answer his questions. When all is ready the Judge must walk, with a stately air, up and down the row of couples – assuming a very grave face and bearing. He may stop at any couple and speak to one of them. Should he address a boy, he (the boy) must not answer, but his partner (girl or boy, as the case may be) must reply. Should the person addressed answer, forfeit is demanded. This game causes great merriment. Let us give an example; 
The Judge stops before a boy and girl couple and says, in a most stately voice, “Sir, you are a fine specimen of manhood, with a clear eye and intelligent face. Tell me what profession in life you would like to take up.” The boy must not say a word, but the girl answers, “If you please, sir, dressing dolls.” Then of course, when a girl is addressed, her partner, if it is a boy, says something equally unsuitable. A good deal depends on the Judge. If he is clever, and make suitable speeches for each couple, the game can be a great success. 


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