The Blind Man's Treasure Hunt

First, send everyone out of the room. Then place a number of parcels (which you must make up beforehand) on a table in the centre. Now bring in one child blindfolded, lead her up to the table, and let her handle all the parcels. She may choose one only, which she takes away with her, having strict instructions not to open until told to do so. The speculation as to what it contains causes great excitement. Of course, you must have enough parcels to go around, and these should be both large and small. In one put say a piece of coal, in another a bean, in another a walnut, and so on. Here and there you place in something nice, such as a mall box of sweets, a small bottle of scent, a pencil, a brooch, or a ring.

When all have chosen a parcel (and by the by you will not most of them select the larger and those that they find are hard) you call them into the room and one by one you tell them to open their parcel. Great fun will be caused when a large parcel is opened and found to contain a small piece of coal or a potato as the case may be. 

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