Who Am I?

Before the party, prepare a number of slips of paper (allow two or three to each guest) on which the names of famous celebrities have been written – people such as Nelson, Wellington, Henry IVVV, Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Mary Queen of Scots, and some modern stage, screen and television stars. As each guest arrives, in one of these names on to his or her back, so that it cannot be seen by the person wearing it. The idea is for the guest to wander around the room and by a process of question and answer find out who they are. The questions asked must be put in such a way that only “yes” or “no” may be given as an answer. For example, the guesser may ask “Am I a female”, to which the answer can be given “Yes” or “no” as the case may be; but the player should not phrase his question “am I a man or a woman?”. 
This game is a great ice-breaker, particularly where some of the guests are not known to each other – it is very difficult to be with a beefy, rugger-type man who is trying to identify himself as Helen of Troy! 
This is also a useful way of providing partners for everyone, and it can be arranged that suitable “
person-ages” can be paired together – Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn; Romeo and Juliet’ Anthony and Cleopatra, and so on.


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