The Witch's Oracle

This Oracle will cause both fun and astonishment. It consists of six sets of figures by which if you carefully follow the instructions, you will be able to tell the age of anyone up to sixty, or any number of which any of the company may think. Players do not mind their ages being known, but in the case of a lady above thirty, it is perhaps, best to request that they think of a number under sixty. The success of this kind of amusement is always therefore fully assured if the one who works the Oracle is dressed as a witch and carries a wand. We here give the six sets of figures, which must be copied onto large pieces of cardboard and hung up I a prominent position. You tell the audience that by a wonderful gift you are able to inform them all what age they were last birthday. The players are certain to come forward. 

You take the first player up to Card No 1 and ask her if her age is set down there. If it is, she must answer “Yes”; and if not, she is to say “No.”. You take her to each card in order and remember to which Card she replies “Yes”. You then add up the right-hand upper corner figures, which will give you her age correctly.

Let us take an example. Say the first player’s age is twelve. We look through card number 1 and find that it does not contain the number 12. Then we go to card No 2, and here it is mentioned; therefore, we remember Card 2. We next take card No 3 and find it is not there. Passing on to card 4, we find it there and remember card 4. In card 5 it is not and the last card, No 6, also does not contain it. We have therefore only to cards in this case – Nos 2 and 4. Now take the right-hand upper corner figure of each and add together – that is which makes 12. This is the age of the player as an example. 

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