Shopping Expedition

This is a very noisy, robust game and care should be taken not to let it become out of hand. Appoint two people, one as a story-teller and one as a collector. Divide the rest of the guests into teams, five or six persons to a team is the ideal number. Each team now chooses one of their members to be a team leader. To play the game, the story-teller tells a little tale about a shopping expedition he, or she, recently undertook and in telling the story mention several things that he either saw or bought. Each time one of these items is mentioned, the people in the game try to find a similar article which they give to their own team leader, who in turn takes it to the collector. The first team leader to present the object to the collector scores a point for his team. Thus, the story may go something like this: -
“The other day, I found that I had an odd dollar (where everyone looks for a dollar coin to hand to their team leader), so I decided to enjoy myself with a shopping adventure. Taking a bus and paying for a ticket (again, the search commences through pockets, handbags etc to find a bus ticket), I went down into the High Street. In the first shop, I bought a ladies’ handkerchief … “and so on until the story finishes.
Rules to remember, which must be strictly enforced, that only team leaders may take the objects to the collector; objects must be handed to the collector, not thrown; time must be allowed after the mention of each item to allow all the team leaders to return to their tea; team leaders or members of teams may take any item mentioned from people in their own team but on no account must they raid” other teams. 
The story-teller should limit his “shopping list” to items likely to be in the possession of the players, but he can greatly add to the fun if, for instance, he claims to have bought an odd pair of shoes or two different coloured socks.
The collector should keep an accurate account of the points awarded to each team, and his verdict, in the final analysis, a to the winning team must be accepted.


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