Round The Poker

This is a game that causes much merriment and is very popular with the boys. Place a table at the end of the room and a cigar-box on the table, end up. On the top of this deposit a chocolate. Then take the first boy, who must be about four metres away from the table, and tell him to put his forehead on the knob of a poker which you have placed before him. (the poker must be touching the floor.) then tell him to turn around four or five times, let go the poker quickly, walk straight to the table and pick the chocolate off the cigar-box. He must go straight there; if he stops he is disqualified. Should he knock the chocolate down, it does not count. He must pick it up cleanly with his fingers. You will find few able to do this. Some wills tumble in quite a different direction; some will hardly be able to move at all. If a player succeeds in picking up the chocolate, it becomes his. 

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