Pick and Cup

This is an excellent game and must be played very fast. Form sides, equal numbers; sit down on the floor opposite each other about two metres apart. The first player is a Pick, the next a Cup, the next a Pick, and so on alternately, but the first and last player must be a Pick.  The Cups hold their hands together so as to form a Cup. Place on the floor at the same end of each column, an apple, button, marble, stone, orange, and a bean or any other trifling articles that may be at hand. The article at the end of each column must be identical in number and kid. An umpire must be chosen who starts the race – for the race it is. At the word “go” the end boy or girl of each column Picks up one of the articles from the floor and places it in the Cup next to him. The next must Pick it out of the Cup and place it in the next Cup and so on until the last payer, who is a Pick, place it on the floor

Directly the first player has Picked up one article and placed it in a cup, he or she must Pick up another immediately and pass it in the same way, until all the articles are set going. The Picks must work at lightning speed, else the other side will win. The side that first has all the articles on the floor at the opposite end of the column from which they stared, wins!

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