Passing The Ball

For this game, you will need two tennis balls, or similar size playing balls. Seat the guests in two teams facing each other, so that they can sit with their legs outstretched without touching any member of the other team. Now place a ball on the ankles of each of the first members of the two teams. The object now is for each player to pass the ball on to the outstretched ankles of the next player, without dropping the ball on the floor. This may be achieved by turning the legs slightly sideways and gently dropping the ball on to the next player’s ankles, or by holding the legs immediately over those of the next competitor and opening the ankles slowly and carefully and letting the ball drop gently through. If the ball falls on to the floor, it must be returned to the first player in the team and the game started again. The team who first manages to pass the ball from end to end without dropping it is the winner. 

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