O'Grady Says

This game causes endless fun and results in a rich croop of forfeit.
One of the players must take command and call himself “O’Grady”. 
Everything O’Grady says must be obeyed or a forfeit given. It should be remembered that before any order is obeyed, it must be prefaced by the words “O’Grady says.” 

Line the players up, and then let O’Grady commence as follows:
“O’Grady says Quick March”. And all the children must march around. “O’Grady says Hands up”. All hands must be put up. “Hands down.” All hands must remain up, as O’Grady did not give the order “O’Grady says: Salute.” “O’Grady says: wave heads.” “O’Grady says: Stand on right leg.” ” Stand on left leg.” and all remain on the right leg until a further command is given, as O’Grady did not call out the order. For every mistake, a forfeit must be paid.

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