Indoor Hockey

For this game, you need a soft woollen or cloth ball and two walking-sticks. Choose two teams of six aside and set them on chairs facing each other with about four metres between each team. Place two other chairs at either end, in the centre of the space between the teams; these are the goal-posts and appoint one goal post to each team. Give each member of the team a number, one to six, numbering one team from left to right, and the other from right to left, so that both number ones are at opposite ends of the two rows. One person is appointed an umpire and he or she throws the ball into the very centre of the space between the rows, and at the same time calling a number – say “three”. At this, both number threes leave their seats, pick up the walking stick (which is always returned to the number one after each “try”), run to the centre and with the crook of the stick, try to hit the ball into the opposing goal. The player managing to get the ball under the chair goal post belonging to the other team, core a “goal” for his side. When this has been achieved both players return the stick to their number one and resume their own places in the team. The game then continues, the umpire throwing the ball and calling numbers as before.

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