Balancing The Bottle

This trick is difficult, though every now and then you will find a boy who is able to do it. But the fun is great, whether it is accomplished or not. This is how it is done:
Almost fill a champagne bottle with water – about three-quarters full. Place a sixpenny piece on the floor on a piece of paper so that it can be clearly seen, then poised the bottle very nearly on the back of your head. The object is to get down, pick up the sixpence with your lip, and again rise without upsetting the bottle. It sounds as if this could not well be done, and that a bottle or two would be broken, but that is not so. If the bottle topples over, the hand will naturally fly up and catch it; should it fall to the ground it will not break. The bottle now being well back on the crown of your head, bend forward, so that when you reach the ground the bottle will be in an upright position. The sixpence should be a little more than your own length away from you when you start. Having settled the bottle comfortably on your head, you begin to bend your knees carefully until you can reach the floor with one hand. Then get the other hand on the floor, to steady yourself. Now creep forward on your hands, until you can free your legs, which will bring you into a flat position on the ground then begin to draw yourself up to the sixpence with your hands. Once you are there, you will have no difficulty in getting hold of the sixpence with your lips. To do this, place them around the coin with your teeth closed and suck in your breath. You will as the result, find the coin come up into your mouth. Having got so far, you must be just as careful going back. Raise yourself on your hands, and gradually get into the same position as you were in getting own – knees bent, hands touching the ground, etc. now be careful, for it is so easy to spoil it all by inattention. If it is though inadvisable to use a coin, a handkerchief might well be substituted.


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