Animal Zoo

This is another noisy game, greatly enjoyed by young people of all ages. Pair off the guest, boy to girl and tell each pair what their animal “call sign” is to be – “moo” for a cow; “Miaow” for a cat and so on before the game commences have scattered around the rooms which are in use for the party, small pieces of confetti or similar tokens. At the word “go”, each boy goes off to try to find a piece of paper, and when he has succeeded he picks it up and proceeds to call his partner by means of his own “call sign”. His girl partner has then to try to locate him and when she finds him, he hands her the piece of paper and tries to find another piece and the same procedure is repeated. Obviously, for this game, it is very necessary for several rooms, preferably upstairs and downstairs to be used, because if the girl can see her partner, she will not have to bother to listen for the “call sign”. After the girl has retrieved one of the tokens from her partner she must remain where she is until such time as she identifies his “call sign” once again; she must not attempt to follow gm from room to room. The couple with the largest number of tokens is the winner.

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