Air Ball

Here is a new and original game, and one in which the children of today will take keen delight. Accustomed as they are to playing netball, and similar pastimes, Air Ball will be welcomed almost as an old friend at a party. Recently, where we introduced it, the children became so interested that Air Ball was the favour almost the whole evening.

To play the game, first to secure a good Air Ball. Having done this pick, say seven a side, but five will do very well. Place six chair facing another six chairs in two rows with about a metre and a half between each column of chairs. Six of each side then sit on the chairs, these players are being “forwards”. At the back of the chairs on each side stands a boy who is named a “back”.

When the game commences the ball is thrown into the centre of the “forwards” who must hit it with their hands towards the opposite “back”. The duty of each “back” is to prevent the ball touching the ground on his side of the chairs. If he does, it counts a goal to the other side.

No “forward” is allowed to get off his seat. If he does, it is a foul; and the umpire (who should be appointed before the game begins) must give a “free hit” to the other side. This is done by throwing the ball in the air high enough for the “back” to high and if he can so hit the ball that it falls to the ground on the opposite side, it counts to a goal no “forward” must attempt to top it when it is a “free hit” but the “back” may defend his goal.

Each game should continue for ten minutes. If the party is large enough, make up several teams; so that the winner of the first game play the next team, and so on. The unbeaten side becomes the winning team.