Musical Chairs

Any number may join in the game. Suppose twenty people are playing; you must have nineteen chairs placed side by side alternately back to front. The players then dance around the chairs to lively music, and to some extent they must keep time with the music – that is, if it is slow, they must move slowly; if fast, they must quicken up and go around the chairs at a smart trot. When the music ceases (as it must at frequent intervals), each player attempts to sit down. As there are only nineteen chairs for twenty players, one is left standing. That person retires, one chair is taken away and the music starts again. This continues until they are all out but one, who becomes the winner.

To make this a really great success, the person at the piano must enter into the spirit of the game. He should commence with a few slow chords, then break into a rollicking dance, and finally stop playing altogether. When ready again, he should strike two chords – stop – and so on, varying it each time. Do not forget to take away a hair whenever a player goes out.

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