Turning the Board

Let all the party sit making a large circle. Each one must be given the name of an animal, such as a lion, horse, bear sheep, pig, rat etc. One person goes into the middle of the circle (which must be large) and spins aboard – a breadboard will do well – at the same time calling out the name of one of the animals. The person with that name must jump up and pick up the board before it stops pinging. Should this player fail to do so, a forfeit must be paid. When the game is finished the forfeits are redeemed as follows: the 
The one who turns the board must sit down and call one of the players to kneel in front of her, resting her face in her lap. She then holds over her head one of the forfeits and says: Here’s a pretty thing – a very pretty thing; what’s to be done to the owner of this pretty thing?” The player questioned must pronounce the sentence. She may suggest anything she pleases, which the person to whom the forfeit belongs must do before the article is returned.



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