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"All Eyes on Me" was founded in 2007, inspired by the love of life, freedom, spiritual quest for happiness. 

Wedding Accessories & Pre-Wedding Party Accessories
Wedding Accessories, Drag Queen Accessories
2021 Melbourne
Cup Accessories, Funky Bohemian Rings,
Women's Jewellery, Men's Jewellery, Children's Hair Accessories
and much much more.....

Wedding Accessories include;
Wedding Accessories Tiaras, Wedding Necklaces, Wedding Hair Accessories,
Wedding Hairpins, Wedding Earrings, Wedding
Rings, Wedding Ring Cushions,
Garters Wedding, Special size and Coloured Garters, Hair Accessories,
Bridal jewellery Necklaces, Hair Accessories Bridal

Islamic Veil Pins and Solid Stirling Silver Greek Orthodox Stefana.

Limited Edition Classy and Fun Pre-wedding or Party Ideas and
check out our "Colour Themed Bucks/Hen's Night, Bachelorette Party"
Classy Hens Night Accessories

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If you wish to share your cultural or family traditions and ideas please feel free to email me at alleyesonme@me.com